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Jewelry parties are fun

StacktasticI gave my first solo jewelry party at my friend, Marie’s house. We were both a little nervous (different reasons) but the jewelry event was great. First, it was a warmer day than usual and Marie doesn’t have A/C. Her house fans did a good job of circulating the air. We had a nice snack table with fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and beverages to stay hydrated. I was also proud of how I displayed my jewelry samples on the table. Lastly, it’s good to have at least 5 people attend. We had seven ladies.

We started with introductions and looking at the jewelry. After everyone had a beverage and a seat, I started my presentation. There are 5 main topics to include to make it a Premier Designs Jewelry party and I followed the book. Luckily, the audience participated and before I knew it, the show was over. I thought their favorite part of the presentation would be trying on jewelry but it was learning about what NOT to do with jewelry (that’ll be a topic for another day). Orders were placed and I packed up. I left happy and I heard from several people the next day that they really had fun. Hooray for jewelry parties!